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Eagle’s Nest Historical Tours in English

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World History in the Bavarian Alps

The so-called“Eagle’s Nest” was built as a teahouse for Adolf Hitler’s 50th birthday. Perched on a mountain summit, its unusual position makes of the daring project a unique engineering feat. What few realize is that Hitler’s home and headquarters - the second seat of 3rd Reich power - were located at Obersalzberg, at the foot of the Eagle’s Nest mountain.


Our educational tour emphasizes the historical significance of the whole mountain, not just theEagle’s Nest teahouse. We show how it served as the cradle of the party and became a stage on which world history was enacted. In fact many of Hitler’s ideas and decisions that led to over 60 million deaths as a result of World War II can be traced back to this very idyllic mountainside.


Join us for a detailed, three-part historical account that includes the construction and use of the Eagle’s Nest (a unique mountaintop conference center), a driving and educational tour of the Obersalzberg area (the site of Hitler’s former residence and alpine redoubt) and a visit to a portion of the museum known as Dokumentation Obersalzberg, giving us access to the underground bunker system (this visit gives an idea of the monumental scale of the former headquarters compound in the Bavarian Alps).


What’s so special about this tour?

Ours is the original and authoritative tour of the Eagle’s Nest, Obersalzberg and BunkerSystem. It is conducted by professional guides who speak fluent English.


This tour has been recommended by Trip Advisor, Lonely Planet Guides, Rick Steve’s Guides, Frommer’s Guides, Fodor’s Guides, Let’s Go Guides, the Rough Guides, Europe by Eurail Guides, the New York Times, German LifeMagazine and numerous travel magazines and travel specialists.


It is conducted daily from mid-May through October (provided the Eagle’s Nest is open) in an objective and comprehensive manner, making the history of the former Nazi headquarters easily understandable to all. Reservations required.

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